I’m a lover and a fighter..a singer, musician, artist with passions for the evolutionary sciences, monkey magic and culture jamming..

Born in Liverpool, when we left I took everything but my heart. I made my life in London but paths lead me away to the mountains of Munich though I travel often back home.

I make art, film and installations. You can see samples here

I’ve tested many waters..musically. I took a long deep bath in Jazz, soul, funk, a cold shower in hardcore punk, stretched out and floated with folk and electro, sank into metal and then came up for air. I continue to swim with these currents.

As a side project I joined the post-punk band The Beach Bullies last year. We ocassionally cause havoc  😉   We’re gigging at the George Tavern in London Sunday 2nd April 2017 and will be in attendance at the awe-inspiring  Blissfields festival!!

Currently I’m collaborating with Felix X from Tigersonic Studios in North London. Our track Smash Up the Clocks has been chosen by the Tom Robinson crew at BBC Introducing on Radio 6 and has been played 3 0r 4 times now! We are utterly stoked about this..

Follow the thread here..www.smashuptheclocks.com6music_badge_introducing_03

Check Tom’s blog Fresh on The Net and  you can hear SmashuptheClocks, read their review and hear their other favourites chosen for the show in Batch 215

Smash is part of my ongoing art project called “Time Off, Time Out’