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Lover, fighter..a singer, musician, artist with passions for the evolutionary sciences, monkey magic and culture jamming..

Leoncia Flynn aka Leonheart is a musician and artist based in Munich & London. She has a BSc in Anthropology and a Masters in Art Psychotherapy and has used these disclipines to create music and lyrics that reflect these subjects; our place in the world..where we’ve come from, identity, gender roles and stereotypes, social and political themes etc.

She plays acoustic & electric guitar a mix of gentle folk, jazz inspired chord explorations to more heavier bass-driven rhythms often working with different musicians & projects. Her latest musical collaboration is with producer & bassist Felix McIntosh and is part of an ongoing anthropological/arts project based around time called Time OUT..here she explores stopping it and making it and the sonic results became Smash Up the Clocks and were described by a fellow collaborator as anthro-synth-rock. This was picked up by Tom Robinson on his Introducing show on BBC Radio 6. Follow the thread here..www.smashuptheclocks.com

Previous incarnations ..

Osmosis – 1992/3 vocalist for soul, jazz outfit with pianist Neil Loughran

Death of an Electric Citizen – formed around 1998 from the members of a hardcore band, Scalplock, Pete Giles on guitar, Alex Palmer on bass and Martin Daniels on drums. After a couple of gigs we called it a day but one reviewer once called us ‘a female fronted Kyuss’ We released a 4 track EP. Here’s an example of our work: Remote

Ethersuite – with Martin Daniels. From DOEC I went on to work with drummer Martin Daniels and we formed Ethersuite. He released an album called 2 Archangels in the Winds of Nihlism on Solar Blaze Records. Listen to Faint here. Stunning original art work by Raine Kenny

The Nytomorph Effect Short lived jam project with Gabriel Gori, Alex Palmer.

Talebone – My first foray into solo-dom…just guitar, bass and pro-tools