May 2019 News

IMG_7055                                                         street art in Regensberg

hey ho…it’s been a busy few months, over six in fact since I last wrote so this will be a packed post!!! With several trips to Scotland and England and to local towns near Munich, I’ve definitely covered some ground. My friend who is also a film archivist and assistant director at the University of Columbia  in South Carolina visited enroute to giving a conference paper in Lausanne for the International Federation of Film Archives. We had some marvellous adventures including trips to nearby Ingolstadt (where Mary Shelley set Frankenstein) and Regensberg.

IMG_7063View of the Danube in Regensberg

Then last weekend I went to a marvellous international buskers festival, Aufgetischt in St Gallen, Switzerland.

IMG_7424       Secret Circus performance

I have a renewed respect for those artists who really play to their crowd and what’s more, expect something back.  It was cold and rainy and we found the more energy we gave the acts the more we got out of it. Check the awesome Buckit drummers here for an energy recharge! Food for thought.

In the last couple of months I also got to see the great Daniel Knox promoting his new album Chascene at Heppel and Ettlich, Jimi Tenor who blew the roof off Rote-Sonne (thanks to Jörg at Still or Sparkling ) and Matilda Eyre a friend from London now making waves on the indie-electro music scene!

It wasn’t all passive viewing however, in April I managed to get some free-lance voice-over work for the Museum of Art and Bread! (Museum Brot und Kunst)Kultur). I along with other English speakers worked with respected artist and acress Eva Lobau who was co-ordinating the project and also contributing.

Here are some of the images that the audio goes with. You’ll see the Museum has some wonderful art.


There should be a launch in the next couple of months so I’ll post again soon. Eva also just appeared in a wonderful new version of the Anton Chekov play The Three Sisters at the Kammerspiele 1 here in Munich. It was a very interesting and a little disturbing (in a good way!)

This Friday I plan another theatre trip to watch a friend, actress & director Judith Huber in Der Schimmelreiter*in a play based on German writer Theodor Storm’s final novella Rider on the White Horse at the Pathos theatre, a beautiful space. Both productions look at life, the circularity of it and the battle against ignorance.

So to music!! This has been slowly bubbling away. In March, I was thrilled to be selected as one of the musicians/artists featured in the Department of Creative Arts, Media & Music at Dundalk Institute of Technology,  who hosted *mixtape #IWD , a two day multi-channel sound installation of experimental electronic music and sound art.

poster-mixtape-a3_monday-4-march-page-001The event was held to mark International Women’s Day and brought together a wide array of music and sound art from across the world. I submitted a collaborative piece made a few years ago with my fellow friends and Fearless Female co-founders, (this was an arts collective that used to run open stages in London). It was a sound piece that included the FF voices, samples of anthropologists and bullroarers and the British people on the march! and you can hear it here.

Although not performing, I re-recorded two tracks, one of which I had made a post about on instagram, tagging the two scientists I had been inspired by. Amazingly enough Dr David Wengrow tweeted asking to hear the song and I duly sent the more polished version. He wrote “It’s really beautiful, and I appreciate you sharing it in unfinished form. Very moving, and yes the resonances seem clear enough to me, and powerful, especially towards the end!” His work and his fellow ‘co-conspirator’, David Graeber’s work is well worth looking into for anyone with an interest in human history. You can find a great video of their work here (Palaeolithc Politics and Why it Still Matters) and their books and articles can easily be searched for (I recommend Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs!) . The song I wrote inspired by their talk, My Summer Name can be found here too!

I have also recently written several new songs on guitar but not performing. I knew I needed a saw-player for one of them, but felt this a daunting task here in Munich where I still don’t go out so much or know that many musicians, however, as luck would have it Judith put me in touch with Evi Keglmaier  a multi-instrumentalist and saw player. I sent her the song and she liked it and agreed to play on it! (see a clip of her here showing me briefly and below a still) She is also involved in a few different very exciting musical projects too.


Her new EP Keglmaier is just out on the Trikont label but she also is part of the Hochzietkapelle ensemble signed to Munich’s indie label Gutfeeling and recently awared the Golden Lola for best film music in the film Wackersdorf

I am very excited to work with Evi and she has kindly put me in touch with a  friend who may record the song and more!

Working on a different angle, I nearly forgot the wonderful Bobby Dunn a US photographer and printmaker based here in Munich convinced me to get some photos done. I thought the results were great. If you’re in Munich and need some shots get in touch with her!! On Instagram she is ‘magicmonkeymedia’ 😉




Finally great news for Martin Daniels my fellow ex-band mate turned composer and film-maker, all of his films & his film music, (including Emily’s Hands, where I contributed the title track!) have been making waves recently!

I need to go now and practice…watch this space..


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