Autumn 2018 News

After what has been a rather shakey year due to some family illnesses I am happy to say I’m keeping myself creative..

Film Project – Emily’s Hands

I’ve just completed the title piece for film maker, Martin Daniel’s new short independent film Emily’s Hands.  This follows on from the Gold Movies nominated, Being Without that came out earlier this year. What’s quite special is that actress Jenny Runacre is starring.

Martin is a really interesting artist, writer, director, composer and drummer.  Signed to Pink Dolphin records, his last album, Collected Film Music Vol 1 has some attention.

We were in a couple of bands together in the mid-90s, the first was called Death of an Electric Citizen, a hardcore/grind outfit together with Al Palmer (Seventh Circle Artworks and Global Noise Attack) and Pete Giles (Scalplock)  and then went on to collaborate in Ethersuite, and released an album in 2002/3.  Watch this space for the film..

The Beach Bullies / The Containers

I’m still working with James and Bettina of newly revived 80s, post-punk band, the Beach Bullies, on new material, following gigs and the re-launch of their 1980 release  We Rule the Universe via the Brooklyn label, Manufactured Recordings. They also released James’ earlier band, The Containers 1979 album, Self-Contained, and much of the material is given an airing in the recent live performances together with former band mates and a couple of new ones! (including me!). There will be some London gigs coming in 2019 which I’m very excited about.


I haven’t had much time to concentrate on this but it’s coming slowly, I wanted to design my own Leonheart image and so started to do this (see above lino cut). It incorporates my red tent which has been integral to my creative identity for a long time. I am also working on new material (here’s a very rough snippet!) that may include some friends. I hope to start recording before the year is out and looking to have an EP ready in the Spring/Summer…


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