The Beach Bullies @ Blissfields Festival! 6-8 July 2017

I love singing for this band….they are extraordinary…headed up by James A Smith who in 1980 formed The Beach Bullies releasing one delicious album called ‘We Rule the Universe” Now riding the crest of a wave with a brand new record deal with Manufactured Records in Brooklyn We Rule…has been re-released and so along with partner and artist Bettina Schroeder they form the meat and potatoes of this newer smart outfit and I’ve had the pleasure of playing out with them now quite a few times.

For this event James, returning to the place of his birth, a beautiful farm in the Hampshire hills,  we encamped…along with around eight thousands others all gathering to attend Blissfields 2017, a quietly confident bijou festival that punches well above it’s weight..


Known for championing bands and artists  before they make it big Mr Paul Bliss has grown this wonderful festival from much smaller family gatherings, first run by James’ nephews into a blossoming blissful and uncommonly festival with luxury…yes I said luxury toilets for all!

The weather was in fine form all weekend and we played the very cool Larch tent on Friday afternoon which allowed us to play out for the rest of the weekend…here’s some evidence of our activities…taken by the lovely and wonderful musican Pandorasdiary


Manufactured Recordings Self-Contained by The Containers, James’ earlier band…see some footage of the launch night here


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