The Soft Launch takes off..days 6 & 5 wherein I’m making time..

..time changes..especially when travelling…I’ve been, in that ‘non-space’ Marc Augé talks about in his book “Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity”, a place where Everything proceeds as if space had been trapped by time, as if there were no history other than the last 48 hours of news, as if each individual history were drawing its motive, its words and images, from the inexhaustible stock of an unending history in the present” (84) Hence from day seven we get to day 4.

I made it London and to the soft launch of Smash Up the Clocks. I’m really glad to say it was OK. It was more than that it was freakin tremendous*

here’s my take..

Never done this before but it felt good. The soft launch of #smashuptheclocks went like clockwork..a room full of interesting folk,  studio owner, bassist, director and producer Felix set the pace. With my artwork forming backdrop to the conversations of musicians and artists, the atmosphere was charged with excitement that comes when new people meet each for the first time and when friends connect again! Beer wine & water flowed!
Then I performed..solo..a couple of tunes..complete with VJ and followed by Felix’s directed image piece for #smashuptheclocks! which went down pretty well if I don’t say so meself….

picture courtesy of fellow musician & all round hero Pete Bennet on facebook

Wanting more Felix then followed this up by presenting fellow  Smart Musician, Judy Abraham’s fantastic vid, Buckmeisterwasright which came as a real treat and fitted so well with the vibe of the was as if Judy was another performer…
There was a sense folk had grown comfortable with each so, as usual smart musician protocol, we briefly introduced ourselves..who we were and what we were hoping for from the meet excuse to cut to the chase; singers then met writers, musicians met fellow potential collaborators, cinematographers met film makers, journalists, composers & new creative connections sparked into life..
Not joking Smart Musician’s Meet Up monthly meet up is a thing….since I have been going over the last 3 years has already got an impressive record of initiating inspired, new ventures, running for at least 3 years now it can take credit for bringing a new innovative, self-start up culture to London’s sometime tired, samey, money-driven music gives back more than it takes..Felix’s unhindered, dynamic support and belief in those she meets and works with knows no bounds.
In fact there is nothing quite like this night….it’s become north London’s creative nursery, spawning its own totally international, alternative, inclusive music scene (that was my short list of adjectives btw)..if you’re a musician, singer, artist, need to come along..and Felix will need to get a bigger boat…
soooo that missing time since I last posted is represented by the following countdown pics…with *tremendous quotes from Stuart Levine and Adulous Huxley….what more do you want…Alfred Gell?..well maybe…anyway..tomorrow is another’s day 3 in ready?

*another word for awesome or amazing…so over used..I’m searching for alternative..send them to


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